Wakatobi Dive Resort Indonesia


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Come along for this truely memorable dive adventure to Indonesia. Mark has personally selected this trip as one of his dream destinations - we think he had a great idea!


Where the heck is Wakatobi??

Wakatobi dive resort is located on Onemobaa, a beautiful tropical island in the remote and peaceful Wakatobi archepelago of the Banda Sea.

Wakatobi Dive Resorts has become one of the premiere diving destinations in the world.

The Resort offers what many consider to be the best reef diving in the world. The knowledgeable and friendly staff take great care of you. The chefs create truly delicious meals, and the private beach bungalows are aesthetically appealing and comfortable. But, there's more. What makes Wakatobi so unique is the extent to which the resort envelops the surrounding area into a sustainable marine protected area.


The house reef at Wakatobi, often compared to live-aboard diving from a beach, starts just 60 feet from the dive center and offers some truely awesome diving with easy entry.

Your comfortable dive boat will take you out to a choice of dozens of unspoiled dive sites, with incredible critters. all within a few minutes (:20 average) of your bungalow.

You'll be treated to 3 boat dives per day along with unlimited shore diving, and the option of private tender-boat taxi service for sites that are close in to the resort but may be a little too far to swim.


You can look forward to miles and miles of breath-taking drop-offs, walls, caverns, caves and seamounts along with the kind of reef life only indonesia can offer.


The marine bio-diversity is amazing in this part of the world. You can see ornate ghost pipe fish, Blue Ribbon Eels, Spanish Dancers, Imperial Shrimp, Clown-Fish and Lion-Fish, Blue-ring octopus and much much more.


The beautiful resort is built directly at the seaside, with all bungalows spaced along the exquisite private beach.

Wakatobi Dive Resort is a destination that caters to divers and nature-lovers looking for world-class diving far from crowds and commercialism -- off the beaten path.

The resort offers you an experience of remoteness from everyday life in total comfort. While enjoying a superb diving vacation.

There are no dives scheduled at this time. Check back after the 1st of the year for dives next year.

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