Yap & Palau 2008


Join us for this once in a lifetime dive odyssey. We are offering three options for this adventure. choose from the following options:

Yap and Palau



We'll fly from LA to Guam where we'll be treated to an overnight stay at the beautiful Royale Orchid Hotel on Guam. then it's on to Yap on January 16th.


We'll be staying at the famous Manta Ray Bay Resort on Yap. Most divers (and dive magazines) believe that this resort is one of the best dive resorts in the world. Your beautiful ocean-view room will come equipped with t. v. and VCR and fantastic local decorations.


Manta Ray Bay Divers is located right at the resort and they'll lead us on 12 dives around the island. Nitrox is available at Manta Ray Bay. Limited shore diving is available on Yap


More than 200 Manta Rays make their home in Yap and no one has more experience diving with these gentle creatures than Manta Ray Bay Divers.

In January the air temperature hovers around 80 degrees during the day and water temps. are in the low 80's too. During our visit the Mantas generally congregate in the Mi'l channel where the depth ranges from 50'-100'. The Manta's will fly overhead (sometimes within inches) as you sit in the sand and gaze at a view that few humans ever get the chance to see.


Manta's aren't all Yap has to offer. The local caverns are easy for any level of diver and the nearby swim-throughs and pinnacles are populated by lionfish, turtles, eagle rays, and schools of snapper and jacks. Yap is also home to more than 200 species of hard and soft coral and these formation are the perfect site to sit and watch a few dozen playful anemone fish. Some of the soft anemones are more than 4 feet across!

Breakfast is included with the package for this portion of you trip. Lunch and dinner are available either at the resort or one of the many nearby restaurants. One of Manta Ray Bay's restaurants is located on the water aboard a converted sailing ship.


For those guests who are moving on to Palau we'll depart the morning of January 23rd and fly directly to Palau for the next stop.

Those not continuing on to Palau will stay at Manta Ray Bay for one more day and depart at 1 a.m. on January 25th in time to catch the 3:15 flight back to Guam and on to Los Angeles.



Yap is a pretty tough act to follow, but Palau is up to the task.


Palau is one of the westernmost islands in Micronesia and contains rainforests, white sandy beaches, spectacular waterfalls and fascinating geological formations. Our home for this part of the adventure is the Cliffside Resort and it is a truly memorable place.


We'll fly into Palau direct from Yap on January 23rd for 9 nights in this luxury dive resort with views that won't quit. Our stay at the Cliffside includes breakfast each day at the resort and lunch on board the dive boat for all divers. Dinner is available at the resort or one of the restaurants in town.



We'll have 7 days of 2-tank boat dives with Sam's Tours, a Palau mainstay for dive services for many years. Sam's Tours offers experienced, professional dive masters who create safe, fun and memorable dives. Nitrox is available through Sam's Tours. Boats are generally limited to 8 divers so you see more fish and less bubbles.



Diving in Palau features World War II vintage shipwrecks, vibrant healthy reefs which boast 1300 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral - That's right 700!. Palau is home to an abundance of large pelagic animals and you are likely to see sharks and manta rays during your stay.


The diving in Palau is unforgettable because of the sheer walls that rise up around the island from the depths to within feet (or even inches) of the surface.


Most of the diving in Palau is drift diving along these walls and the coral garden that sit on top of them. Because of the generally strong currents some dives will require us to "hook in" at various points on the reef and watch the show as it flys by. Currents are not always a part of diving in Palau, but it's best to plan on drift diving during our stay. Most diving in Palau is appropriate for all levels of diver, but some of the currents may require some experience or knowledge of drift diving practices. Shore diving is available in Palau.


Jump To Chuuk Yap Palau Pricing


Trip Leader: Robin Martensen

Trip Includes:

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- Smith Diving.