Weekend Fun Dives


We started the Weekend Fun Dives in 2005 and they quickly turned into one of our best events ever!. One weekend each month we meet at the Crosby Mines for a full weekend of diving, socializing, and fun.

Smith Diving staff will head up Friday afternoon to stake out a prime location at one of the pits. Divers can meet us up there anytime they would like. You decide when you want to dive and at which sites, we'll even help you find a buddy if you need one. Divers can get up to 8 dives in over the weekend.

These weekends have been a big success and we have a great time diving lots of different sites. The conversation around the evening fire is wide-ranging and very interesting. We will be holding these weekends in conjunction with Advanced, Master, 2-Star, Nitrox, Drysuit, rescue, and Divemaster classes so you'll have a chance to meet & mingle with lots of other divers and see what's involved in the various levels of training available.

Smith Diving will provide water, sodas and snacks for the weekend, a full spaghetti dinner on Saturday evening is included in the price for the weekend.


Pre-registration is necessary. 

Diving Dates and Locations

Note: The June Weekend Fun Dive coincides with our White's Drysuit Demo Day on Saturday & Sunday June 7th & 8th, 2008.

Dives scheduled for this year:
Date Location
Friday, June 12th Crosby Mine
Saturday, June 13th Crosby Mine
Sunday, June 14th Crosby Mine
Friday, July 10th Crosby Mine
Saturday, July 11th Crosby Mine
Sunday, July 12th Crosby Mine
Friday, August 7th Crosby Mine
Saturday, August 8th Crosby Mine
Sunday, August 9th Crosby Mine
Friday, September 11th Crosby Mine
Saturday, September 12th Crosby Mine
Sunday, September 13th Crosby Mine


- Smith Diving.