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Scuba Bowl Web Quiz

Congratulations to the following winners of the Scuba Bowl.


1st PRIZE - Richard Dobak -$250.00 SD GIFT CERTIFICATE

2nd PRIZE - Travis Thooft & Rob Conroy - $100.00 SD GIFT CERTIFICATE

3rd PRIZE- Char & Ken Grandell - $50.00 SD GIFT CERTIFICATE


All 4 winners had 12 correct answers and their order was determined by random drawing. We recieved 9 entries in total with anywhere from 2 to all 14 answers submitted. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Here are the questions and answers.

1) What occurred in New York in 1893, which would have a big impact on the training of all future scuba divers?

Answer – The first recompression chamber for the treatment of bends was installed to treat Caisson workers during construction of the Hudson River Tunnel.

2) Seahorses are thought to use bones in their head to make a clicking noise.   How do toadfish make their trademark “grunting‘ noise?

Answer – By muscular contraction of the swim bladder

3) A simple one this week.  Where in the world would you find a fish that can turn itself inside-out

Answer – While there is really no such fish there are 3 possible answers.  1) Worth half a point - There is no such fish.   2) Worth half a point – The Inseedalli-Repi-Standi-P Lazer is a Mythical fish found off the coast of Costa Rica.  3) Worth a full point because this is where I got the idea – The Hydronicus Inverticus was a fish invented for the movie The Life aquatic With Steve Zissou.  The fish, which could turn itself inside out, was left on the cutting room floor because it was deemed too ridiculous.

4) The ascent rate for the U.S. Navy Air tables was changed from 60fsw/min. to 30fsw/min. in what year?

Answer - 1993

5) What force (or forces) do split fins use to create propulsion?

Answer – Lift (Suction force also accepted).

6) Give the location of this year’s GLSPS Dive Into The Past Show and list the silent auction items donated by Smith Diving.

Answer - AmericInn  Hotel and Mermaid Entertainment and Event Center – 1 Basic Scuba Certification certificate, 2 Nitrox Certification certificates, 1 Shockwave Dive Light, 1 First Aid Kit.


Part of a once tropical sea, divers visit this area to see the remains of ancient corals, large underwater caves and more than 20 shipwrecks all within a 45 square mile area containing an archipelago of 19 islands.  This area is also the oldest underwater park/preserve in the Great Lakes.  Name this Area.

Answer – Fathom Five national Marine Park.

8) All divers learn what a thermocline is during their certification class.  What term is used to identify water that is the same temperature from top to bottom?

Answer – Isothermic (Isothermal also accepted).

9) As a nitrox diver you plan to make a dive to 90fsw.  Assuming you intend to use one gas during your dive, what is the “best mix‘ to use for this dive using a maximum PO2 of 1.4ATA?

Answer – 37% nitrox is the best mix because it gets you closest to a PO2 of 1.4 without going over.

10) How many 100 pound lift bags (weighing 2 lbs each) are needed to lift a 9 cu. ft. object with a dry weight of 1061 lbs. from a depth of 89fsw?

Answer – 5 bags.

11) Shore diving can present challenges for divers, among these are hazards created by currents.  Some near shore currents are caused by underwater formations.  List 3 such currents.

Answer –Any of the following were accepted -  Long-shore (littoral drift also accepted), Rip, Backwash (Undertow also accepted), Circulation Currents, Feeder Currents, River Currents (because some underwater bank formations and debris can create unusual and dangerous currents).

12) A buddy team (let’s call them Richard & Kenneth), just adore the dive site “Alice in Wonderland‘ on Bonaire and plan to make a night dive there.  Richard has got a 63 cu. ft. tank and Kenneth is using an 80 cu. ft tank, both filled to exactly 3000 psi.  Richard has an SCR of 15 psi/min while Kenneth’s is 21 psi/min.  Assuming their dive is to 33fsw (using a square profile), who will run out of gas first?

Answer – The easiest way to answer this is to simply use a ratio of air consumed to tank size.  Kenneth would run out of air first.  The proper way to achieve the answer (as you NAUI Master Divers know) is to do a volume consumption conversion to determine cu.ft./ min. used.

13) Name the Dive Site – A beautiful cross has marked this site since April of 1903.  While most consider this a novice dive site, there is sometimes very fast moving water and visibility can be reduced to near zero.  At other times water movement stops and visibility can reach 80-100 feet.  Divers will sometimes see fish while swimming along massive lava formations.  You can Park very near your entry point, just watch your step.  There is a fee to use this area, but if you pack a picnic you can bank on a good time.  Best of all this site is just a 3 hour drive or so from the Twin Cities.

Answer – there were lots of clues in this question which should have led you to the answer Gooseberry Falls State Park.  The beautiful cross (in italics) refers to the Belle P. Cross a ship that wrecked at the site in April of 1903.  The occasional presence of moving water and low visibility should have indicated a river mouth which changes water volume with the season.  80-100 foot visibility is only found in a few of places within 3 hours of the Cities.  Superior is the only body of water that meets the requirements and was formed by volcanic activity.  You can Park (with a capitol P) indicates the Park of course, as does the fee.  The entry point is very near the picnic area.  Bank refers to the bank of the river.    

14) How many different owners has Smith Diving had since it’s founding in 1966?

Answer - While I take some exception to being called different there have been 4 owners (5 was also accepted as correct) – George Smith, Greg Hegi, Terry Lovaasen, and Lee and Sheila Bailey-Seiler

Check back here for the next Scuba Bowl in June, 2009

We have created the Scuba Bowl Dive Quiz to give divers a chance to show off their dive knowledge, and to give everyone some diving fun without getting wet..

Each week we'll post a new question right here on the web site, divers can collect and answer the questions each week throughout the contest. The diver or team that turns in the most correct answers at the end of the Scuba Bowl will win the big prize! See the complete rules below.

The contest begins January 16th and will run until April 16th (the last question), 2008. The length of the contest will allow all levels of divers the opportunity to research questions (or just ask a friend), and odds are that most people will either miss a few weeks or come up with the wrong answer for a few. If you don't get started on the Scuba Bowl right away, collect whatever answers you can. You've still got a chance.

Scuba Bowl questions will come from the following catagories:






Question #14 (April 17, 2008) - Sorry for the delay - problems with the computer yesterday. THE FINAL QUESTION IS - How many different owners has Smith Diving had since it's founding in 1966?





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