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Underwater Pumpkin Carving 2007


Yes, that's right.  We carve pumpkins underwater!  You can, too.  Sure, it's silly, but we have lots of fun before the lakes freeze over for the winter.  Carve the best pumpkin you can, and maybe you and your buddy will walk away with an "Underwater Pumpkin Carving" Trophy.  There are lots of fun prizes, too.


  1. Divers must be certified scuba divers.  C-cards are required at registration.
  2. Divers must use proper working equipment
  3. Divers must dive with a buddy
  4. Divers must remain inside the area designated by dive flag buoys.
  5. Divers must supply their own pumpkins and carving tools.
  6. Pumpkins are to be opened and cleaned of all seeds and pulp before divers enter the water.
  7. All other cutting of pumpkins and creative additions must be completed underwater.
  8. All dive teams are to carry a plastic trash bag to capture and remove from the lake all parts and debris from their pumpkins.
  9. All divers must exit the water with a minimum of 500 psi registering on their pressure gauges.
  10. Divers will be required to report to the event Divemaster upon entering and exiting the water.
  11. Judging takes place after all entries are completed.
  12. One pumpkin entry per dive team is allowed.

Place & Time:

Lake Harriet North Beach, Minneapolis, MN - Look for the Smith Diving Signs

Teams may enter the water at 11:00am and must be out of the water by Noon. Most participants arrive at the site around 10:00am.

Parking is available along the parkway or in the pay lot near the bandshell.


$20 per person pre-registered
$25 per person on day of contest
Smith Diving offers a special ½ price rental for this activity.


- Smith Diving.