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Garage Sale



Each fall Smith Diving holds a garage "tent" sale. We use this sale to rotate euipment out of our extensive rental inventory.

We have been holding the garage sale for many years, and customers love it! This is the only time each year that we sell used gear and the deals are fantastic. Many customers come back to this sale year after year. It's a great time to outfit a new diver, or to pick up that spare mask or tank.

It is important to us that we keep our rental inventory fresh and new. We try to have gear in rental that is no more than 2 years old. This means that most items in the garage sale are 2 years old (some are even newer).

AIR DEALS - the best deal on air and nitrox can be found during the garage sale too!

During the garage sale you pay as little as $2.50 per air fill or $5.50 per fill of nitrox 32!

The garage sale is also the perfect time to fill your personal dive locker. Items for sale during the garage sale will include

NEW GEAR - We will also have great deals on new gear the day of the sale so if you don't find what you're looking for in the tent check out the shop for new stuff.

PRICING AND AVAILABLILITY - Garage sale items are priced by the management just prior to the sale. The store staff is not aware of prices until just before the sale. We will not give out equipment pricing prior to the sale day. Gear is sold on a first come first serve basis only. No reserving, holding, or hiding of gear will be allowed, sorry.


The sale preview begins at 10 am on Saturday October 6th, 2007. During the preview customers may look over and try on gear in the tent, check prices and make a plan for how to shop. Once you have made your decisions, you will get in line for entrance to the tent at the start of the sale itself.

The sale begins at 11:00am sharp. No purchases may be made prior to 11:00am with the exception of air or nitrox cards.

Due to limited quantities of some gear there is usually a high demand for certain items (like tanks and computers). Many customers bring a buddy to act as line holder while they preview the gear from 10-11. We are sorry but some items will go very quickly. Once an item is sold out that is all there is. Everything will be in the tent at the start of the preview.


If you know any divers ask them about the Smith Diving Garage Sale, they will priobably know of it and be able to give you the benefit of their shopping experience. We are proud that many new divers have been able to outfit themselves through the garage sale and we hope to see you there this year.

We will be closed on Friday October 5th for Garage Sale preparation.


- Smith Diving.