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Equipment in stock

Smith Diving carries only quality scuba equipment and diving accessories by major, proven manufacturers.

We stock more than 40 brands of dive equipment to ensure that you have the selection and quality you need, when you need it.

All of our friendly staff members are divers who understand what divers want & need from their equipment. If we don't carry the scuba gear you need, we will either order it for you or send you to someone who has it.

Smith Diving stocks regulators by Aqualung, Apeks, and Sherwood, computers by Suunto and TUSA, B.C.s by Seaquest, Wetsuits by Xcel, DeepSee, Bare, Akona, and Seaquest.

Our stock also includes more than 300 masks, 6 different fin models, and Sea & Sea cameras. We are the Minnesota drysuit shop with 3 different models of White drysuits in stock at all tmes and a fleet of rental drysuits along with Weezle Wear - the best drysuit undergarment in the world.

We're also your headquarters for travel gear and accessories. We've got just the thing you need to make your next adventure a fun and relaxing experience.

Looking for a scuba diving bag, or dry box, lift bag or dry gloves? We stock a wide range of those specialty diving items that you need to make your diving enjoyable and safe.

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Rental and Service...

Smith diving offers a full line of rental equipment (including drysuits) for diving Minnesota or diving salt water. Rental can be reserved in advance and is offered for any period of time from 1 day to a full season.

Minnesota dive equipment needs to be ready for extremes in temperature. An annual service on you regulator or B.C. provides peace of mind during those cold water dives or when your equipment is exposed to the rigors of salt-water diving.

Our trained & certified Techs can service most major brands of scuba equipment. We offer in house chamber testing for depth gauges and dive computers, and VIPs for your tanks.

Equipment service that is outsourced will be handled as quickly as possible and we will give you a price quote up front for all repairs.

Visit our rental and service rate pages for more information.

- Smith Diving.