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The NAUI Skin Diver Instructor Certification is a great way to enjoy the rewards of diving leadership with limited time and monitary investment.  Snorkeling is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the world.  The demand for qualified individuals to teach and lead snorkeling excursions is increasing every day. 

NAUI Skin Diver Instructor act as both teacher and guide.  They may find work at local pools or camps, or they may seek the adventure of a tropical resort or cruise ship.

As a NAUI Skin Diver Instructor, you will be qualified to teach snorkeling & skin diving classes and may, in cooperation with a NAUI Scuba Instructor, independently conduct the swim evaluation and snorkeling portion of the NAUI Scuba Diver Course.

The NAUI Skin Diver Instructor Course is a stand-alone program and is an excellent first step to Scuba Instruction.

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Classroom Training

(5 four hour sessions)

The Skin Diver Instructor lecture series will present topics including leadership roles, diplomacy, student evaluation and control, record keeping, equipment, organizing & marketing courses, teaching theory & technique, skills instruction, professional liability and more

Pool Training

Pool training consists of the development of demonstration quality skin diving skills, assists & rescues, confined water lesson presentation.  Pool sessions will include practice of and actual teaching of portions of a snorkeling class and teaching of the entire snorkeling class to real students.

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