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Photography Specialty

Course Description

Does this look familiar? Photos all blue, out of focus or balance? We all need a little help when we start taking pictures underwater. This course is designed to do just that - help improve your underwater pictures.

Some photographers never seem to take bad pictures. They really do have their share of duds, but skilled photographers know how to increase the percentage of good shots they end up with.

There are no secrets to good photography, but there is some knowledge required to capture the right subject in the best manner for your equipment.

Smith Diving is very fortunate to have 3 highly skilled photographers on staff and the'd like to help you get your camera out of auto mode and start taking great pictures.

This course covers the basics of good photography, equipment selection and diving skills that will help you maximize those exposures.

The Smith Diving Photography Specialty course will cover still photography only in both film and digital platforms.

Goto Course Dates and Locations

Classroom Training

Classroom training consists of 3 classroom sessions which will address such topics as equipment selection, composition, lighting, and much more. All students should bring their equipment to the first class and be prepared to shoot. The 3rd classroom session will consist of a review and critique of students work from the open water session.

Pool Training

One pool practice session will be held for this class in preparation for the open-water shoot day.

Openwater Training

Students will take part in a day of shooting at the Crosby Mines. Various subjects will be used including your classmates.

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