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Course Description

The NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) is an involved and demanding experience where candidates demonstrate their ability to teach and lead in the classroom, pool and openwater.  The curriculum is designed to train qualified candidates to teach and certify scuba divers to safely enjoy the underwater environment.  You will learn about teaching theory and methods, you will develop effective oral communication skills, you will learn how to create lesson plans and use training aids, and you will learn how to organize your time most effectively to maximize your teaching success.

Staff demonstrations and assistance are important to your course.  A great deal of time is devoted to candidate practice in the classroom and in the water.  You will be constantly critiqued to improve your overall performance.  On-going personal counseling sessions are a key part of this course.

You already know much about diving physics, human physiology, scuba equipment and the environment.  In the NAUI ITC, you will become familiar with what your students need to know about these topics and how to successfully transfer this information to them.

Course evaluations consist of a series of written examinations, diving rescues in open water, classroom demonstrations, pool teaching, and leading small groups in open water skill sessions.

As an ITC candidate, you will participate in a wide variety of experiences that stress teamwork and attention to detail.  You must be prepared when you arrive.  Although the course hours are long and the pace is demanding, the rewards last a lifetime.

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