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Ice diving is like no other diving on earth.  There is an extra thrill you get as you descend through the hole, and the visibility is fantastic.  The NAUI Ice Diver Certification is a complete course designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to dive in cold water and in an overhead-obstructed environment.  Safe ice diving requires a complete understanding of the procedures and equipment needed, and these subjects will be covered in depth.
This course is limited to 6 students maximum.

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Classroom Training

The classroom training for this course involves 2 sessions and topics will include equipment considerations, lines and signaling, dive site preparation, lost diver rescue techniques, hazards, first aid, emergency planning and more

Pool Training

The pool session for this course consists of practice in specific ice diving skills, tethered diving, tending, and emergency skill exercises.

Openwater Training

The Ice Diver Certification requires a minimum of 4 ice dives to be conducted on 4 separate days.  Each diver will also be required to assist in dive site preparation and will be required to perform a minimum of 4 tending situations.

Openwater ice dives will be conducted at various area lakes.  We make at least one trip each year to dive Lake Mille Lacs and/or the Crosby Mines.

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