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Excellence in Buoyancy

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Buoyancy is one of the hardest skills for most divers to master. We've all seen very experienced divers who seem to just float through the water with the ability to go up or down at will.
The Smith Diving Excellence in Buoyancy Class is only one evening but is packed with tips and "tricks" to help you achieve ultimate control. Learn how to fine tune your buoyancy so you can adjust in inches rather than feet.

We limit this class to 6 students maximum.

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Classroom Training

(1 two hour session)

During the classroom portion of the workshop you'll learn why things float, who is archimedes and what happened in his bath tub.  We will also present information on what affects buoyancy (you'd be surprised), how to decrease your air consumption and shed weight (lead).

Pool Training

(1 two hour session)

Pool training consists of buoyancy, proper finning, trim and position exercises followed by a buoyancy course designed to test what you've learned.  Complete the buoyancy course without touching the first time through and we'll give you your money back for the class.

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