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Course Description

This is the highest level of certification available other than Instructor Certification.  NAUI Divemasters are among the most respected diving professionals in the world.  This course is only suitable for those who have reached an extremely high level of experience and skill in diving and for those who have a passion for sharing diving with others.  All potential leadership candidates should review the required confined and open water skills and practice those skills prior to the beginning of their leadership training.

Students who successfully complete the NAUI Divemaster training have proven that they have a passion to dive, an extremely high level of skill, the dedication to assist others and a global awareness to ensure the safety of divers in their care.

If you are looking for the easiest way to become a Divemaster, you'll have to look somewhere else.  If you want to be recognized as the best and are willing to work for it, then read on.

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Classroom Training

(7 four hour sessions)

The academic portion of the NAUI Divemaster Course consists of seven lectures covering topics such as leadership roles, diplomacy, evaluating comfort level, finding and evaluating dive sites, record keeping, using multi-agency dive tables, emergency management, professional liability and many more related topics.

Pool Training

All Divemaster candidates will perform demonstration quality skills in confined and open water.  These skills include diver assists and rescues, partial & full bailouts, all basic scuba skills and more.  In addition a set of water skills must be completed prior to certification as a Divemaster.  These skills are well defined and are to be completed as pass/fail.  Candidates cannot "sneak by" by earning points for easier skills and not performing as well on more difficult ones.

Homework and home study should be expected.  Lecture and discussion time comprise less than 1/2 of the time required for this course.

Openwater Training

Open water training for Divemaster consists of:

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