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Course Description

Assistant Instructors are one of the best teaching "aids" available to NAUI Instructors.  NAUI Assistant Instructors offer support to the student learning process and create a safer environment.  They demonstrate skills, conduct small group remedial sessions, provide additional supervision and enhance the learning process for scuba and snorkeling students.

Whether it is in the classroom, pool, or assisting with dives in the open water becoming a NAUI Assistant Instructor is a rewarding experience.

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Classroom Training

Classroom training consists of  a lecture series dedicated to increased diving knowledge and skills, dive organization and control, equipment and buoyancy checks, diver escort techniques and teaching methods and presentation.  Course planning and coordination, and the legal aspects of diving instruction are also covered.  Candidates will participate in actual classroom presentations and in pool and open water training sessions.

Pool Training

All Assistant Instructor candidates will perform demonstration quality skills in confined and open water.  These skills include diver assists and rescues, partial & full bailouts, all basic scuba skills and more.  In addition a set of water skills must be completed prior to certification as a Assistant Instructor.  These skills are well defined and are to be completed as pass/fail.  Candidates cannot "sneak by" by earning points for easier skills and not performing as well on more difficult ones.

Homework and home study should be expected.  Lecture and discussion time comprise less than 1/2 of the time required for this course.

Openwater Training

Open water training for Assistant Instructor consists of:

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