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Advanced Scuba Diver

Course Description

Explore the pristine waters of Lake Superior, or the walls and underwater forests of the Gilbert or Crosby Mines. Experience new dive opportunities such as wreck diving, underwater treasure hunting, night diving and more. Meet new dive buddies . . . discover new dive sites.

Smith Diving's Advanced Scuba Course is perfect for new divers or for those divers who are returning to diving after a lengthy period of dry time. It is a laid-back, friendly course that will provide many new and memorable diving experiences, such as photographing your dive buddy on the shipwreck Madeira.

The class meets on Tuesday for the academics and pool sessions, Wednesday and Thursday at the Lake, and Saturday and Sunday are spent on the shores of Lake Superior, or the mine pits of Crosby or Virginia. Transportation and accommodations are the students' responsibility. (We usually camp.) Whether you are just out of your beginning class or trying to get back into scuba, the NAUI Advanced Scuba Course is sure to provide you with a great deal of fun and opportunity. Enroll in Smith Diving's NAUI Advanced Scuba Course today!
This course is limited to 6 students maximum.

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Classroom Training

(1 two hour session - approx.)

The academic portion of the Advanced Diver Course is practical and less demanding than most other classes.  The Classroom discussion will include knowledge development in: deeper diving, wreck &/or wall diving techniques, night diving, search and recovery, dive planning, and emergency/contingency procedures. 

Pool Training

(1 two hour session - approx.)

Pool training for this course involves a review of basic scuba skills, buoyancy control exercises and a review of rescue/assist situations. 

Openwater Training

(4 sessions approx. four to six hours each)

Session #2 of the Advanced class meets at a local lake for an orientation dive followed by navigation exercises, followed by a night dive.

Session #3 will be held at a second local lake known for it's unending supply of historic artifacts (and some modern ones too).  This session will provide students the chance to try tethered diving and low visibility "treasure" diving.

Sessions #4 & #5 will be held at either the Crosby or Gilbert mines or on Lake Superior's North Shore.  Students will perform a minimum of three dives over the weekend (most groups do five).  These dives include one deeper dive (60+ feet), and either a wreck or wall dive.

Course Prerequisites

What's Included

What You Need to Bring

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