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NAUI, the National Association of Underwater Instructors, is a non-profit worldwide educational association.

NAUI's purpose is to enable people to enjoy underwater activities as safely as possible by providing the highest quality practical education, and to actively promote the preservation and protection of the world's underwater environments.

To accomplish this, NAUI trains, qualifies, and certifies leaders and instructors, establishes standards for various levels of diver training, and provides various programs, products, and support materials to assist NAUI leaders and instructors with their diving supervising and teaching. NAUI's primary purpose is also reflected in the association's motto, "Dive Safety Through Education."

The NAUI organization also provides publicity and support for dive stores, dive resorts and accredited institutions that offer diving education. This professional assistance is in keeping with the primary purpose of NAUI - training the general public to dive.

The quality of training provided by NAUI Instructors is of great importance to the Association, so NAUI employs various methods of evaluation to ensure that NAUI standards are met when NAUI instruction is conducted.

As a pioneer in diving education, NAUI has developed many of the programs and concepts accepted throughout the diving industry. NAUI constantly strives to increase the safety of diving by upgrading the Association's standards and programs.


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